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 Mission Statement

The Laramie County Weed & Pest Control District is committed to providing effective, long term control of the noxious weeds and pests on the State Designated Noxious Weed List and the Laramie County Declared Noxious Weed List to help promote and sustain a healthy ecosystem within Laramie County.


W. Bert Macy

Guy Landers

Dennis Hanson

Bill Bonham

Norm Soden

Darrel Repshire

Ryan Farthing

|  Chairman - Area 3 Member

|  Vice Chairman - Area 1 Member

|  Treasurer - Area 7 Member

|  Secretary - Area 4 Member

|  Area 2 Member

|  Area 5 Member

|  Area 6 Member


Bret Nelson

Matt Haas

Cecelia Smock

Braxton Clark

Shayla Blosser

|  Supervisor

|  Assistant Supervisor

|  Office Manager

|  Crew/Shop Foremen

|  Office Assistant @ Archer

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