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Noxious Weeds

     A noxious weed is a non-native plant that has been introduced, accidentally or intentionally, into an environment and causes or is likely to cause environmental or economic harm.


     Noxious weeds are gaining a foothold on almost all private and public lands in Wyoming. Left unchecked, they will limit many uses on lands now and for future generations. Noxious weed species negatively alter water systems, wildlife habitat, agriculture, and recreation areas forever. The longer we ignore the problem, the more expensive it will be to manage and eradication becomes less and less likely.

     We all depend on the existence of healthy ecosystems. Wyoming is noted for its abundant wildlife, clean water, and diverse and largely undeveloped natural landscapes. The natural vegetation communities that evolved here are the basic fabric that holds the ecosystem together. Left unchecked, many noxious weeds have the potential to transform entire ecosystems as native species and those that depend on them for food, shelter, and habitat disappear.

canada thistle.jpg
Common burdock.jpg
St Johnswort.jpg
common tansy.png
dyers woad.jpg
field bindweed.jpg
hoary cress 2.jpg
leafy spurge.jpg
musk thistle.jpg
ox-eye daisy.jpg
Palmer Amaranth.jpg
perennial sowthistle.jpg
plumeless thistle.jpg
purple loosestrife.jpg
quack grass.jpg
russian olive.jpg
salt cedar.jpg
scotch thistle 2.jpg
skeletonleaf bursage.jpg
spotted knapweed (2).jpg
yellow starthistle.jpg
oxytopsis spp.
hairy goldenaster.jpg
plains pricklypear cactus
Geyer larkspur2.jpg
jt goatgrass.jpg
cenchrus incertus Curtis
wild licorice.jpg
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